Hey guys,

I thought I’d share with everyone a simple fix to an iPhone speaker problem.

Problem: The iPhone speaker works fine when headphones are plugged into it. However, as soon as the headphones are removed, there is no sound emitted from the iPhone. In other words, the iPhone speaker doesn’t work. My phone wouldn’t ring and I couldn’t hear any sound from the iPhone. This happened to my phone after it was water damaged.

Solution: Find a q-tip. Insert the q-tip into the headphone jack of the iPhone. Swivel the q-tip around for a bit and clean the inside of the headphone jack. Once I did this, the problem was magically fixed!

Leave some feedback if it works!


Video instructions:


*Also note that if you accidentally do drop your phone in water, you can attempt to fix it by putting the phone in a container of uncooked rice. The rice soaks up most of the moisture from the phone. You should detach the battery pack (if possible) and leave it in the uncooked rice for at least 6 hours. This should be done as soon as possible for maximum effect.