Hey guys what’s going on?

So I`m living in Toronto for the summer and I`m super psyched! I`ve always wanted to live there and there`s no better time than summer time!

*** Check out my video tour of Woodsworth College Residence by clicking HERE ***

So when looking for housing for a 4-month term, there were two options I considered:

   Sublet         OR            Residence

Why I chose not to sublet

First, I looked into subletting with the preconception that it would be cheaper than residence. However, I came across many problems. The first problem was that it was hard to find nice apartments for a reasonable price. Even though they were summer sublets and prices were low, it was hard to find a low priced apartment in a good neighbourhood. The second problem was that people were being unreliable; I would reply to ads and only half of them would reply back and most of the time the reply was “sorry, the apartment is no longer available“. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process of subletting. The last problem was that I was living in Ottawa so I wasn`t going to drive all the way to Toronto just to view an apartment. I had to make a judgement call based on photographs, the apartment description, talks with the subletter, and Google Maps Street Viewer.

Some of the sites I used to find sublets:

Kijiji:   http://toronto.kijiji.ca/f-housing-W0QQCatIdZ34

Craigslist:   http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/hhh/

Facebook Marketplace:   http://apps.facebook.com/marketplace/

Roomster:   http://www.roomster.com/

Why I chose to live in residence

After looking into subletting without much success, I thought I`d give residence a shot, specifically the University of Toronto residences. The location was great for me since I was planning on taking summer courses at UofT so being on campus was a huge benefit. Also, I knew that the neighbourhood was relatively safer of course, since it was a university campus. Residence would also allow me to easily meet new people and make new friends. Being on campus meant being around other like-minded individuals who were my age, so, in other words, party time!

So I contacted the University of Toronto Housing department and they sent me a great brochure with all the information I needed to choose a residence. You can check it out here. It provides a really nice comparison chart with all the features of the THIRTEEN different residences! The prices were also very reasonable and in fact, there was one residence, University College, that had really great pricing; around $1,900 for the entire summer term. However, since I was looking for an apartment-style residence, I chose to live in Woodsworth College. The cost was $2,575 and the duration was May 5th to August 22nd. I was sold after seeing the pictures of the residence, the common areas, and the individual rooms. It even had a pool table! So between subletting and residence, I think residence was the best choice for me. I`m really looking forward to life in Toronto!

*** Check out my video tour of Woodsworth College Residence by clicking HERE ***